Robin Sharp comes from the HR world and is now a People First Advisor that focuses on making sure employees become, and stay, happy, and how the newest technology can be used to help out. Robin tells the audience about the People First Pilot Project, in which over 2000 employees received a chip in their brains to gain access to the most efficient and personalized ways to be happy. She illustrates this project with beautiful animations. Robin talks about her project and opens up the conversation to the audience as well.

Worldwide, companies are still struggling with gigantic employee dropout rates. 85% of the people worldwide feel none, or little to none, connection to the work they are doing or the company they are working for. Covid-19 has only further exacerbated our work crisis. All the while, HR-managers pull out all the stops to make sure their employees experience happiness. It is time for a global performance review. Because how do you really put people first and do we jointly ensure a future of inclusive, holistic entrepreneurship?

For two years, the team behind Robin conducted research: they delved into scientific research about (the future of) work, followed trends in HR and workplace technology, visited various organizations and companies around the world to speak with HR managers, Chief Happiness Officers, AI experts and Vitality coaches. The insights they gained are bundled in Robin’s talk.

In the theatrical talk ‘Robin’, we look at the future of work and employee happiness based on extensive research. What methods are currently being used or tested? Which methods work and what doesn’t work? How can we use extensive technological possibilities to provide more and more customization and empower employees? Is it really about employee happiness or amore about employee productivity? How far are we prepared to go for profit optimization?

Robin’s audience is a guest at a TedX-like theatrical talk by international HR expert Robin Sharp. The TedX format feels familiar to theater audiences as well as employees, HR managers and innovators from the business world. By using theatrical storytelling and beautiful visuals, however, we tell a much more vigorous story and we question established beliefs and systems.

Robin is suitable for a variety of locations and events. It is made as an alternative talk for (HR) conferences. And can, for example, be part of a program about burnouts, about the search for happiness or about technology at the workplace in debate centers, theaters or universities.

Robin Sharp is created together with actor Isil Vos.